Name: Tilly

Sex: Female

Breed: Shih Tzu Mix

Age: 8 Years

Size: Small

Tilly is a sweet little character. She loves nothing more than a snuggle in your arms and cuddling into your shoulder like a baby. Tilly gets on extremely well with other dogs and tries her hardest to keep up with them when she is at the dog park. It is very cute to see her run along chasing the dogs at the park as she looks like a bunny rabbit bouncing along!

Tilly is a very good eater, and will even reward you with a cute little dance as her food is put on the floor. She enjoys lying in sunny spots, and hanging out where all the action is. When she has had enough, she climbs into the wardrobe to snuggle up in the dark amongst the comfy dressing gowns.

Tilly will win your heart with her gorgeous, angelic face, which often has a little tongue poking out. She would go well in any home with or without dogs, and would ideally enjoy living with someone who would give her lots of cuddles in their lap.

Tilly has a coat that requires grooming, she is a house dog and must have access via a doggie door or similar 24 hours a day.

Tilly comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $495. Tilly is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Tilly please email Denise