Poochie and Jess

Name: Poochie and Jess

Sex: Female

Breed: Shih Tzu mix and Foxie mix

Age: 8 years

Size: Small to Medium

Best friends Poochie and Jess go together like peaches and cream. They are two easy going, well mannered ladies who are raring to go to the perfect home. Because they are so joined at the hip, it would be cruel to separate them, so we won’t. They are always found together cuddling up in the same bed, often washing and nibbling on each other, it is very endearing.

POOCHIE (Shih Tzu x) is a very social girl, full of beans and bursting in confidence. Take her on an adventure and you will see her clown like antics in action. You can’t help but laugh at her tomboy ways and her funny little run, or rather, robust charge! Her passion and fearless zest for life is definitely infectious, that everyone who meets her, falls in love. Poochie loves a good frolic in off leash areas and has fantastic recall. She always bolts back with a cheeky grin on her chops, heading straight to Jess for approval and a giggle!

JESS (Foxy) is like a dainty butterfly, both beautiful and graceful. Although Jess appears more reserved, her heart warms quickly to new people and their surroundings. She dreams of being everyone’s lap dog, preferring to stay close to her human for love and guidance. Jess is a sensitive girl, (like most foxies are) and prefers to remain on the lead when out and about. At home she loves to go ratting and sniffing in the bushes, investigating everything the backyard has to offer.

Because Poochie is a very enthusiastic licker and built like a tank, children over 10 years would be best. Poochie and Jess do shed a little, so a therapeutic brush twice a week will keep their hair well controlled. Both girls use the doggy door with ease and are toilet trained.

These ladies are house dogs and are used to the finer things in life, so they must have 24/7 indoor access to be with the family or they will be very distressed. Poochie and Jess are lovely, loyal  dogs and whomever adopts them will be very lucky indeed!

Poochie and Jess come desexed,  microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm tested and have both ad a dental.   The adoption fee is $900 for the pair.   Poochie and Bess are not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT)  If you would like further information on Poochie and Bess please email Denise.