Name: Penny

Sex: Female

Breed: Maltese

Age: 6 Years

Size: Small

Penny is an energetic and happy little dog who has settled into foster care really well. When she came to DAP from the pound Penny was neglected with infection in both of her ears and all over her skin. Penny has been on a good diet and with continued medication /shampoo’s she is looking and feeling so much better.

Penny is now enjoying all of the comforts of family life including a warm cosy bed, smooches and cuddles, nice long walks and good healthy food. Penny is gradually learning to wait for her dinner and to eat like a lady, she is toilet trained, travels well in the car, and now greets other dogs politely when out on a walk.

Penny’s new family will need to be committed to continuing her training in a loving and positive way.

Penny’s happy nature is infectious, she does a little twirly dance when she sees her foster carer or when she is hungry and dinner is about to be served. She eats happily alongside 2 small female dogs and 2 small males dogs with no sign of aggression at all. Penny is not a fan of the cat (poor kitty) so a home with no cats and another small male or female dog for the company if her owners are working people and out for the day.

Penny is a house dog and has mastered the doggy door with ease, her new home must have access to the house via a doggy door or similar so that she is able to access outside for toileting, a sniff in the garden, or a comfy nap in the sunshine. Penny’s skin will need to be monitored, she is currently bathed with a medicated shampoo and will also require regular grooming to keep her looking stunning and feeling comfortable. She is a dream to wash, clip nails and groom.

Penny comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $495. Penny is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Penny please email Denise