Sex: Male

Breed: Staffy Mix

Age: 7 Months

Size: Medium

“G’day! My name is Pyjamas, but my friends call me PJ
I was found locked up in the pound but luckily the lovely Lisa from Denise at Paws Inc. saved me. I was pretty scared of life at first but now I’ve realised that life can actually be pretty awesome!
Even though I love my foster Ma, I’m hoping to spend my first birthday with my very own hooman family

Most people think I’m a young pup, but the truth is, I’m nearly 1 years old. Ma says people think I’m so young because I’m so small, but she says that’s a good thing. She said I’m basically like a “teacup” staffy, and because I’m so cute, I won’t have any trouble being adopted! I hope she’s right!
So if you’re a family that’s missing a teacup sized Staffy dog in your life, I’ll tell you a bit about myself to see if I’m the one for you

* I LOVE other dogs and I could play with them all day long!
* I LOVE the dog park, and I always come back when I’m called
* I don’t like being on my own very much so I would really like a fur brother or sister to keep me company when you’re at work, OR a Ma or Pa who stays at home most of the time
* I can be a bit shy around new people but once I know you’re nice, I’ll be your best friend and snuggle you to death
* I’m definitely a lap dog and I just love to snuggle with my hooman and dog friends on the couch and in bed.
* I love going in the car so I’m up for an adventure if you are
* But I’m also content to lounge around and watch Netflix with you if you prefer
* I do love to chew, so I’ll need lots of chew toys to keep me happy and away from your favourite shoes
* I’ve never met a cat so I’m not sure if I’d like one or not, but I’m always open to trying new things
* I really love food it’s my favourite thing in the whole world, so I’m very easy to train!
* I’m very good at going outside to the toilet when Ma takes me out, but sometimes if I’m inside and the door is closed, I’m not sure how to tell her that I need to go out, and so I do occasionally have accidents. Ma said it’s okay though and it’s not my fault. When I lived in the pound I had to just go in my kennel so it’s hard for me to understand that the house isn’t a toilet. But I’m getting better with this every day!
* I’m very smart and already know how to Sit and Come, and I would love my new family to teach me more.
* My ears will provide you with endless entertainment because they really do have a mind of their own. Sometimes they are sticky uppy ears, sometimes they are downy dog ears, sometimes they’re somewhere in between. And then sometimes they fold backwards to make me look like a bald baby
* My foster Ma is a dog trainer and she said that my new family can have some free training to help me learn all the rules of my new home (local to northern beaches only)

So if you think you have room in your heart for a bite sized Staffy dog, please please please consider adopting me ❤️🐶🤞🙏
I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I get a family of my own tonight 🙏🙏❤️❤️” ~ PJ

Pajamas come desexed,  microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm tested.   The adoption fee is $900 for the pair. Pajamas will not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT)  If you would like further information on Pajamas  please email Denise.