Name: Myf

Sex: Female

Breed: Pomerarian

Age: 10 years

Size: Small

Myf is a sweet, gentle and loving little girl who was in a very sorry state when we collected her from Blacktown Animal Holding Facility. After several baths, lots of brushing, some grooming and lavender massages, Myf looks stunning.

Myf has a lovely temperament and is great with children. With a little bit of encouragement Myf loves to engage in play preferring to share her play with her human than the other dogs she is in care with. She has been living with other small dogs without a problem and will happily share her bed and toys with them but only plays with them when she is in the mood!

Myf has a great appetite and is happy to eat dog and human food along with any treats that come her way. When Myf came into care she was undernourished, however she has gained almost 2 kilos in approximately 7 weeks. She is quiet and sleeps all through the night rarely barking at all, however she will “speak” to you when her dry food bowl needs a refill. Myf has learned her basic commands and is always rewarded with a treat, or a small amount of cheese – that’s her favourite treat.

Myf is toilet trained, as long as she is given access to a doggy door or yard. She’s very good walking on her lead, loves snuggle time, being brushed, and sleeping close to the heater.

This dear little girl would make a great companion for a couple, a single person, or a family with older children. Despite loving the company of small children we feel that a home with older kids will be best for her. Myf prefers short periods of play, short walks and relaxing. She’s the ultimate lap dog and will thrive being an only dog or with one other dog in her new home, male or female makes no difference to Myf as she gets along with either.

Myf is exceptionally pretty. Her fur has myriad shades of blonde, and red tones. Her little face is perfectly symmetrical. When Myf came to us her skin was very dry probably due to a poor diet, her foster carer has added coconut oil and sardines to her diet which seems to be doing the trick.

Myf has a coat that will require regular grooming and bathing with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. She is a house dog and must have an access via a doggie door or similar.

Myf will be very much missed by her foster family when she finds her forever family.

Myf comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm treated and she has had a dental. The adoption fee is $495. Myf is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Myf please email Denise