Ms Snuffles

Name: Ms Snuffles

Sex: Female

Breed: French Bulldog x Pug

Age: 4  months

Size: Small

Try look at into the eyes of this brown eyed beauty and resist!

Ms Snuffles is a gorgeous chunky baby who is an absolute heart melter! Our little snuffleuffagas is half French Bulldog, half Pug, her personality is an even split between the two… she is cheeky, she is he is rambunctious, she loves to play and she certainly loves to nap and can most often be found flat like a pancake in the middle of the living room.

Surrendered to the pound at 11 weeks of age along with her brother Mr Muscles, Ms Snuffles arrived a bit confused and worried… after a few weeks in foster care her personality has blossomed, she can still be a little shy at times but her confidence grows by the daily! She has settled into family life, spending all day racing around ‘helping’ in the garden and ‘helping’ in the kitchen and not only can she use the doggy door, she has mastered it… flying straight through at top speed. Ms Snuffles has lots of doggy friends, she and her brother spend almost all day plodding along together with other resident doggo, Maize a poodle x who is only a year old and has taught them all the important stuff like how to jump on the lounge for a snuggle, or how to get the best view of what the neighbours are up to through the window.

Ms Snuffles will require a bit of nasal widening in a few months to help her breath a bit easier, she has the usual brachycephalic flaws that require a bit of extra care, she also has a sensitive little belly and needs a high quality diet.

We have a few absolutes for Ms Snuffles so please read carefully to ensure you fit the criteria:

* Ms Snuffles will only be rehomed with another dog for company, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a small dog or a squishy faced dog, just a friendly, social male dog that doesn’t mind a good wrestle and can help continue to show Ms Snuffles the ropes.
* A family committed to ongoing ‘positive reinforcement’ training.
* A family committed to the ongoing expenses that may arise with Ms Snuffles, whilst we will cover the costs of his desexing and nasal widening surgery, it is important to note that brachycephalic breeds do tend to know their vets very well.
* Access inside at all times

Preferred but not essential:
* Experience with our flat faced friends.
* Preference is always given to someone home more often than not or who can take their pup to work

To apply for Ms Snuffles please shoot us an email and we will forward you an ‘adoption application’ as we anticipate that Ms Snuffles will have a large number of enquires.  Please allow up to a week post application  for a response. We try our best to be fast and efficient but these enquires might take us a hot minute.