Miss Peaches & Custard

Name: Miss Peaches & Custard

Sex: Females

Breed: French Bulldog & Pug

Age: 6 Years both

Size: Small

Introducing dynamic duo, Miss Peaches and Custard!

These two gorgeous girls are an incredible delight, they are just as sweet as their names suggest and will make the perfect pair for a family looking for some cuddle bugs to call their own.

Miss Peaches the French Bulldog is very affectionate, loving a cuddle at any given opportunity. Custard the Pug is the more independent of the two but make no mistake, she’s also up for a snuggle on the couch. Both girls are very attached to each other, they are more often than not found asleep together in their bed… an activity they thoroughly enjoy.

Miss Peaches and Custard have adapted well to life in foster care, their house training is coming along very well and with consistency will have it mastered pretty soon. Due to their flat faces, they are very heavy snorers so have been taught to sleep in the living area so everyone gets a good nights rest, Custard does have a tendency to have a late night burst of energy (secret cat, perhaps?) but Miss Peaches doesn’t stir.

They both enjoy a little stroll but are not overly energetic, they are a bit anxious in the car as we believe it is not something they are use to, so will need a patient family to help them realise it’s usually the way to get somewhere super fun.

Health: Both girls have been used as breeding dogs prior to rescue so their new family will need to be vigilant of any lumps and bumps that may appear, Peaches has already had a suspicious lump removed. They arrived with ear infections and although this is now cleared up, it is something that may prop up again. Both girls are quite small in stature and are a good weight, their new family will need to feed them a good, high quality diet and make sure to keep their weight down so they can breath easy and live long, happy lives!

Miss Peaches and Custard both have short shedding coats, they will need regular cleaning of their facial folds and must have access inside at all times.

Peaches & Custard comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $1200. Peaches & Custard is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Peaches & Custard please email Denise