Name: Luna

Sex: Female

Breed: Border Collie

Age: 2 Years

Size: Medium

Hi, I’m Luna a 2.5-year-old Border Collie and I currently live in Canberra. I need to find a new home because my owners who have had me since I was 8 weeks old are going to live overseas, they would love to take me with them but as they are going to be living in a big city in a very small apartment they think it best that I stay here. My new home must have lots of space for me to run and explore as I am really a country gal, I have graduated from all of my obedience classes at the local dog club and have started Rally-Obedience which I enjoy and would love to be able to continue to do with my new family.

I enjoy meeting people, but it can take me a little while to get to know some people. I had minor hip issues when I was younger which made me nervous with people petting me too much around my back end, I am much better now and love a rub from people I trust. I am more interested in people than other dogs, and can sometimes be a bit apprehensive when meeting new dogs, but I have some good dog buddies and once I get to know them I love playing with them.

I love food and must be fed separately as I can be a little protective of my food at times, when I’m given treats or fed by hand I’m gentle, and I’ll do almost anything for a treat. I’m happy to give up and share toys.. in fact, I love balls and you’ll have my full attention if you throw a ball or frisbee for me- preferably my favourite ball of the moment that I will chase all day long. I also love my walks, and I will happily join you on a run if you’re going. I go for a walk twice a day, normally for about 45 mins to an hour. I love being off lead, away from roads, although I’ll rarely go too far away. I also enjoy swimming, long runs on the beach and paddle boarding, in fact I will do anything to be part of your adventures! When I get to know you I’m very affectionate and love attention. When you tell me it’s bedtime, I’ll hop into my crate and settle for the night- ready to start the next day, maybe with a morning lick.

My ideal home would be with someone fit and adventurous who would take me with them. I could be an excellent tradies dog, especially if you take me to Bunnings for a sausage. Perhaps a family with teenage kids (no children under 15) because of my energy and minor resource guarding. In saying that, I love kids and would love one or two to kick a ball around with, play cricket or run with them.
Luna is a working breed dog. Previous working breed experience is preferred. She is happy as an only dog and is crate trained. Only people or families that will commit to her energy requirements and quirky sense of humour will be considered. Her beautiful luxurious coat will need on-going grooming to keep it as stunning as it currently is. Luna is a house dog and must have access via a doggie door or similar.

Luna is desexed, microchipped, and vaccinated. The adoption fee is $495.  If you are interested in adopting Luna please email Denise.