Harley and Zac

Name: Harley and Zac

Sex: Male

Breed: Toy Poodle X Bichon

Age: 13 and 15 years

Size: Small

Harley and Zac are two senior Bichon x Poodles who deserve all the best life has to offer in their retirement, but they still have lots of cuddles and love to give. Whatever has been their lives before now it’s time for them to be given lots of love, warm beds, good food and a garden so they can sit in the sun and have a sniff around then cosy up warm and secure at night. Harley is the more confident of the two and Zac is becoming more so day by day after they have moved around a little in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately or fortunately they have had all but one tooth removed due to the neglect of their dental health but they are going great guns now and eating is not an issue for them.

Both do not need a lot of exercise but do walk fine on the lead and are great in the car, they will require access to the house at all times and were not a problem to wash and groom. Harley has mastered the doggy door with the flap tapped up and Zac is still practising but will get there. Zac and Harley recently made their first public appearance at the Dog Lovers Show and were absolutely fine with the many interactions, pats and hugs they received from adults and kids alike. They are currently in foster care with 2 other small male dogs, 2 small female dogs, one cat and some chickens and are perfectly fine with all. Don’t look past the senior dogs if you have a lap or two, they guys are epic cuddlers and are pretty low maintenance in terms of demanding behaviour they just want love!!!

Harley and Zac come desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, heartworm treated and each had a dental. The adoption fee  for the pair is $400. Harley and Zac are not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Harley and Zac please email Denise