Name: Dude

Sex: Male

Breed: Staffy Mix

Age: 7 Months

Size: Medium

If you like your dogs, drop dead gorgeous… look no further!

Dude the dog is not just good looks though, he’s also super smart, loves a cuddle and is so endearing you can’t help but fall totally in love at first meet. Dude is currently in care with an older, small dog and is loving life with his loving foster family.  He spends his days, playing with his toys and cuddling on the couch, he enjoys a good daily walk and is learning that the big wide world is not as scary as he first thought.  Dude has been working really hard with help from a force free trainer about how to deal with life in the busy city,  he has been doing really well and is now a certified ‘good boy’ !!!

Dude does get a bit frightened meeting new dogs so needs a slow introduction,  but once he knows that the dog is a friend and not out to scare him, he’s ready for a good old fashioned rumble. Dude has learnt lots of new skills in foster care and everyday gets more confident, he is now ready to continue his journey with a forever family who will keep up with his training out and about. He would love a new dog friend in his family who he can play with, but might suit being an only dog should his family be home more often than not. Dude is not a large staffy, he’s more in the medium category and has a short shedding coat that requires little maintenance. He must have access inside as this is what he is accustomed to.

Dude comes desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and heartworm treated. The adoption fee is $495. Dude is not available for adoption outside of NSW (Except ACT). If you would like further information on Dude please email Denise